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ooc: You’re Michael was wondeful but I understand. I hope we see you here as someone else! :D

Aw, thanks <3 I’m glad you think so.

Is there a character anyone would like to see here? I’m not sure who to pick xD But I would love to join you guys and be active in my own group OTL.

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ooc: aww bb<333 I hope you start feeling better! I’m always here if you need to talk! just message me or write me a letter or send me an owl with a letter! I LOVE YOU!!!

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Nilla i love youuuu<33 you were a GREAT mikey :3 specially when he was drunk haha

Thanks you guys <3 ; 3 ;

I was thinking about picking up another character. I’m just not sure who xD And I did make this group >____> *bad admin*

Stuff went down and I associate Michael with the dramallamas, so I just can’t rp him anymore D; I guess that’s the best way to describe it o.o

But I still read what’s going on and everyone is so quality * w *


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It has been a while since I’ve logged into this account. I was going through a mini depression and I didn’t really have any motivation to do much at all. Honestly, I didn’t even want to login or look at my Michael account again. Why? I can’t get into Michael’s character anymore. It was fun in the beginning, but something happened - dramallamas - and I can’t do it. Actually, I can’t even see the character in the same light. I know it sounds weird, however I’m not going into detail.

I’ll still update the group account for those who are active and advertise. I love all of you and you can always contact me on my personal: Frenchvanillacoffee.

You guys are amazing rpers and I LOVE YOU ALL <333

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ooc: aww bb<3 I’m sorry I hope it’s getting better though! I’m here for you we all are!

ooc: Aw, thanks <3 I hope you’re doing well.

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I'm..good. How have you been?

I'm pleased to hear you are doing well. I am all right.

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ooc: Yea…I’ll prob be gone for a while like Jessie..


With how this shit is panning out I prob won’t be on for a while and if I have to move out even longer until I can get yea..but im here now but if I just stop replying im gone.

ooc: I hope everything works out for you D:

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Sorry if it's a bit chilly.: OOC




Well if anyone wants to talk Michael or anything he’s here. Idk what to do with him right now. I’m so behind @.@

[Michael and Lucifer need to have a “What have you been doing, Lucifer?” talk or something. I don’t know. I’m…

ooc: Urgh, same. I was up for 25 hours. Then slept for like four. I am so tired, but I can’t sleep. I feel like crap OTL

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